How to paint high spots without a ladder safely and intelligently (2023)

High ceilings are a beautiful feature in a home! However, high ceilings can make it difficult to paint the walls! Can you paint high up without a ladder? If you're afraid of heights or don't own a tall ladder, read on to find out how to paint high spots without a ladder.

To paint high spots without a ladder, you need a telescoping extension pole and a brush and roller that attaches to the pole. Prepare area for painting by placing drop cloths, masking edges and repairing drywall. Start painting with the brush near the ceiling and work your way down the wall with the roller.

Table of contents

  • Materials needed
  • Paint high places without a ladder – step-by-step instructions
    • 1. Prepare the area
    • 2. Repair the drywall (if necessary)
    • 3. Paint the top edges first
    • 4. Roll the top part of the wall
    • 5. Paint the rest of the fairing
    • 6. Roll the lower part of the walls
    • 7. Apply a second coat of paint
    • 8. Clean up!
  • What if I really need a ladder?
    • Reasons you may need a ladder
    • Best Extendable Ladders

How to paint high spots without a ladder safely and intelligently (1)

Follow these simple instructions to paint high walls and ceilings without using a ladder.

Materials needed

Before you start the project, gather all the materials you will need. Before doing this, make sure that the extension rod will work with your roller and brush.

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Paint high places without a ladder – step-by-step instructions

Once your materials are gathered, you're ready to start your project!

1. Prepare the area

When painting with an extension rod, large paint splashes can occur! Cover the entire area with drop cloths. Place them on the floor, under the walls, and above any nearby furniture and lamps. Even if you think an item is too far from the walls to be splattered with paint, cover it up!

Use painter's tape to tape all of themBaseboards and moldings. It's best to apply painter's tape to clean the fairing, so you may need to wipe everything down and allow to dry before applying the tape.

2. Repair the drywall (if necessary)

If your home is anything like mine, there's going to be a few dents and dents in your drywall. Use the spatula to fill in the holes. Read the package directions to find out how much drying time the putty needs. Some brands of putty change color, e.g. B. from pink to white when dry.

Once the putty is dry, sand it until it is flush with the wall. For large holes you may need a second coat of putty or even onedrywall patch. Once the area is repaired and dry, paint over the spatula with primer. Allow the primerdry completelybefore you paint

3. Paint the top edges first

How to paint high spots without a ladder safely and intelligently (2)

Attach the brush to the extension rod. If you don't have a threaded brush, there aremounting kitsaccessible.

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Stir the paint and fill the bowl with enough paint to dip the bristles of the brush. Load the brush, but make sure it's not overly saturated. It should not drip excessively.

Gently angle the brush toward the edge of the wall where it meets the ceiling. I recommend starting at the corner and working your way outwards.

Keep a steady line by moving your whole body while painting the edge. Fan out the bristles for even coverage. You may need to go back and smooth out any brush marks. Finish the entire top edge this way.

4. Roll the top part of the wall

After painting the edges, remove the brush from the extension pole and attach the roller to the pole. Pour the paint into the roll tray and load the roll with paint.Roll off the excess paintthe roller onto the upper, sloping part of the tray.

Carefully lift the roller to the top of the wall. Paint from top to bottom, matching the color you've already painted along the top edge. Use the roller to smooth out defined edges orbrush marks.

Work down from the top of the wall. Make double U shapes with the roller. Refill the roller with paint if necessary. Stop once you reach a part of the wall that you can reach without the extension bar, stop rolling.

5. Paint the rest of the fairing

Use the brush to paint along theremainder of the achievable trim. Follow the same method you used to paint the top of the wall. Fan out the bristles and make a smooth line along the edges.

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6. Roll the lower part of the walls

Remove the roll from the pole. Fill the roller with paint. Be sure to remove the excess paint from the roller, then use the roller to apply the paint to the wall in large, sweeping motions. Reload the roller with paint if necessary.

7. Apply a second coat of paint

Allow the paint to dry completely and then repeat the painting process. Unless you're making a major color change to your walls, two coats of paint is usually enough to cover the walls.

8. Clean up!

You're done! Clean your brushes, remove the paint and drip wipes, and enjoy your new look!

What if I really need a ladder?

There may be circumstances when this painting method will not work and you will need to use a ladder.

Reasons you may need a ladder

Here are some reasons you might need a ladder to paint walls with high ceilings.

  • Irregular angles –Some homes have ceilings with irregular corners or angles. Some of these may not be reachable with an extension pole.
  • Extra high ceilings –Depending on the extension pole and ceiling height, you may need a ladder to reach the top of the walls in rooms with high ceilings.
  • restless hands –Some people find it difficult to get an even edge with a rod and brush.

Best Extendable Ladders

How to paint high spots without a ladder safely and intelligently (3)

To reach high places, an extendable ladder is usually the best choice. These ladders can be extended but also retracted for easy storage. You can adjust the height to reach different areas. Here are some of the best options!

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Little Giant Ladder

TheLittle giant laddersare known for their innovative design and robust construction. Not only does this ladder extend, it can even be configured into different shapes such as A-frame, trestle and stepladder.

The versatility of this ladder makes it ideal for any painting or home project. The disadvantage? These ladders are more expensive than some other options.

Luis Ladders Klappleiter

TheLuis Ladders foldable multipurpose ladderis made of aluminum. It has flexible, lockable joints that allow it to be formed into many shapes, such as: B. a scaffolding or a leaning ladder. It folds down to a compact size for easy storage.

Gimify Telescopic Ladder

TheGimify telescopic extension ladderis another decent extension ladder option. It cannot be reconfigured into different shapes like the other ladders. However, it stands up to 15.5 feet tall and folds flat for easy portability and storage.

Final Thoughts

If you don't have a tall ladder, or if heights make you nervous, you can still paint tall with the help of an extension pole! Gather your materials, prep the area, paint top to bottom, and enjoy your freshly painted walls!


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