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What is paint by number for adults?

You probably used to love painting when you were a child, discovering and mixing colors to get new ones. Why did you stop? Painting is known as a great activity to release stress and calm anxiety.

Paint by Numbers is a great way for anyone who likes to paint, to paint and be good at it. All you have to do is paint the numbers with the right colors to discover a beautiful design. Besides being recognized as a therapeutic activity, you will create a beautiful decoration for your home, made by you. The paint used in our painting set for adults is acrylic because it is more practical to paint with it on canvas and a nice result is guaranteed.

This activity is great for everyone; no experience is necessary and all levels are welcome. You must follow the lines and paint inside the defined zones. Some areas can be very small and some a little bit bigger, which is the challenge of it. The more you get into it, the harder you can choose your painting to be.

What is the best paint by number for adults?

Our best paint by numbers for adults are divided into different categories.

Vintage paint by number sets

In the paint-by-numbers universe, different themes exist. Thatvintage paint by numberskits are very important because of their history and their origin. In the mid-50s in the United States, painting by numbers was an incredibly trendy movement and activity for Americans. Half the population would decorate their home with a painting made with a paint-by-numbers kit.

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Even more interesting was that an exhibition was set up to show all the different kinds of paint by number that were made back then. Let's just put it this way: it was a big deal.
So you might be wondering, what is vintage paint by number then? All the motifs take you down memory lane and remind you of those retro style painting moments. The colonial period was extremely popular in the paint-by-numbers universe half a century ago.

Vintage can be thought of as an old-fashioned decorating and painting style that brings you nostalgia in the images and tones used.

Vintage also means in winemaking that the grapes were all collected within the same year, this is also why you will find many paintings representing wines and grapes with neutral and darker tones.

Animal Kingdom at male

Animals paint by numbersis a collection that includes all the different species from the animal kingdom that can be painted by numbers.

The animal kingdom is known for its beautiful and rich diversity. From the birds in your garden to the wild African safari, you can paint a wide variety of these cute creatures.
Bird watching is a fabulous activity to discover the hidden life of birds. For this reason, a dedicated collection is attributed to these fascinating animals. You can recreate these unique and precious moments in a painting.

Life on the farm is also a magical and fantastic theme to reproduce in a painting. Different paint numbers are available to recreate this relaxed and calm atmosphere found in the countryside. These landscapes are filled with cows grazing in fields and horses running free.

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Exotic animals are fascinating. Unfortunately, for most of us, these creatures cannot be seen in our everyday life. Therefore, the exotic wildlife collection is ideal for any lion or elephant lover.

Paint flowers by numbers

Flowers have been a prominent subject in painting for a very long time.Flowers paint by numbershave been mastered by the most prestigious artists in the history of art. They have been represented in many different forms, from plants in a field to fresh bouquets in a vase. Flowers are fascinating for their beauty and their wide range of colors.

The great variety found in the flowers reinforces this fascination. From Monet's passion for poppies to van Gogh's love of sunflowers, flowers never cease to amaze us. Throughout history, there has always been this fascination with flowers in all their diversity.

The painting of a still life is something very popular among art lovers. Vincent van Gogh would draw the subtlety of irises in various works. From Manet's Bouquet of Flowers to the Bouquet of Roses by Renoir, all the greatest artists have taken up that subject.

Landscape paintings

Nature has always been a subject that has inspired artists from all over the world. The iconic Claude Monet would initiate ordinary painting and spend hours surrounded by fields and landscapes to capture its beauty and light.

Landscape painting by numbersis a magnificent way to revisit the great masterpieces of all these artists. Nature is a beautiful inspiration for every art lover; the diversity of landscapes that you can find all over the globe makes it very unique and special at the same time. Landscape paint sets regroup a large selection of different nature types. The beautiful mountains in the early hours or the calm sea in the late afternoon reflect the magnificent beauty of our world.


Famous painters

Art has always been a big part of our history; it is a way of seeing how contemporaries perceived their era and the world around them. Art is how artists and writers express their imagination and the way they represent their surroundings during their lives.

Vincent van Gogh's tumultuous life has been depicted in his correspondence with his brother, Theo. Art analysts have debated for a long time to try to understand the mental state of the artist. Van Gogh is a genius and one of the pioneers of Dutch Impressionism. His art has developed very much according to his thinking and his vision of the world. You can relive these incredible paintings withvan Gogh's paint by numbers.

The famous Claude Monet's iconic Water Lilies series is known as one of the most prestigious Impressionist collections. Monet is considered the pioneer of the French Impressionist movement with his painting shown at a Paris exhibition called 'Impression, Sunrise'; this exhibition would later be known as the 'Impressionist Exhibition. Claude will paint a series of 6 paintings that will revolutionize the art world and create a real He would capture the light and shadow of nature and landscapes to then render it to what he would perceive it to be. A good way to become familiar with the Impressionist movement is withClaude Monets Paint By Numbers.

If you are familiar with the world of art and its history, you would know that Leonardo da Vinci was one of the most influential painters of his time and the world. The painter was known for the prestigious Mona Lisa and the Last Supper, which led to the mystery of the da Vinci code books and films.

Pablo Picasso is the father of the Cubism movement and is famous for the particularly committed Guernica painting. Guernica was painted in 1937 and was more than a painting; it was a commitment by Picasso against the bombing of the village of Guernica by the Germans and was a protest against the war (the Spanish Civil War and later the Second World War). Picasso brilliantly captured the spirit of the massacre and represented it in this chef-d'oeuvre.

What makes a painting a portrait?

A portrait is a painting or photograph or any artistic representation of identity, whether it is a person, a group of people or an animal. Historically, a portrait of a woman depicts beauty and modesty. While a man's often symbolizes power and status. However, the best portraits are not just visual representations of the subject. Great photos are those that evoke emotion and tell the story of a person. The best portraits are those that truly capture the essence of the subject.

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The most famous portraits of all time, such as Leonardo da Vinci's Mona Lisa or the Portrait of Adele Bloch-Bauer by Gustav Klimt, do exactly that. Portraits immortalize their subjects for more than a lifetime!

Ourpaint by number portraitsthe collection includes a variety of portrait motifs to suit all levels of expertise!

Do you have abstract and modern templates?

Yes we do! Abstract painting is not an easy art; but with oursabstract paint by numbers, you can practice and learn the basics of abstract painting, quickly and easily.

The beginnings of abstract art can be traced back to the Impressionism, Post-Impressionism and Cubism movements; when artists realized that art can be non-representational. You don't always have to paint an apple as an apple. Instead, you can use colors, shapes, lines and patterns to represent an apple. Essentially, abstract art differs from any literal, representational reference points that make the art. It is art in free form.

On the other hand, modern art is an artist's representation of a subject as it exists in the real world based on his own unique perspective. It is an art as an artist sees it. Ourmodern paint by numberstemplates capture the real essence of modern art as expressed by their artist.

How hard is it for adults to paint by numbers?

Beginning paint set

Aneasy paint by numbers for adultsis a painting set that is made with fewer details and with more space to paint. This way, it takes less time and less precision to complete your artwork.

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Paint by number is a very fun activity to do on your own or with your family. Although it is an activity open to all, there are different degrees of difficulty.
In painting kits like these the difficulty lies in the number of spaces and how large those spaces are; the easier the set, the easier the pattern will be and the final product will not be affected by the difficulty level and you will still create an amazing painting made by you.

Difficult canvases for experienced artists

Take your painting skills to a whole new level with oursadvanced Paint by Numberscollection. If you're looking for a challenge, this collection is for you. The best way to practice more advanced techniques is by learning how shading works or how to add more texture to a painting without the stress of starting from scratch.

What art size is available for senior paint by number kits?

We also have a varietyLarge paint by numberswho will make sure to bring out the artist in you! It's like creating your own masterpiece, but the easier way. Even better, it's the first step towards creating your own masterpiece. We have paintings as large as 27.5 inches x 55 inches.


How long does it take to get paint by numbers? ›

So drumroll please, based on our experiences, we report that a 40 x 50cm Paint by Number's Kit can take anywhere from 20 - 35 hours to complete.

Can I sell a completed paint by number? ›

Is it legal? As long as you disclose your artwork as a rendition of an original piece, selling your paint-by-numbers masterpiece is legal. Include in your item description that while the painting is a rendition of an original piece, your personal touches make it a one-of-a-kind piece.

How to paint by numbers quickly? ›

We suggest starting on the smallest areas of the canvas first. Hot tip – toothpicks work really well for filling in teeny tiny areas! Then move to the big areas later. Another good tip is to start at the top of the canvas and work your way down.

Can you make your own paint by numbers? ›

WHAT YOU NEED TO MAKE YOUR OWN PAINT BY NUMBERS PAINTING. The good news is that you need only a few supplies to create your own PBN paintings. I like to use acrylic paint, but you could also create your masterpiece with oil, pastels, markers, or colored pencils.


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