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Ways to sell your art online for free - cheap and chic art marketing ideas

There is abig, wide worldof art marketing approaches out there, but if you're just starting out or have a limited marketing budget, you might be looking for the best ways to promote your work while keeping yourscosts down.

We'll look at some of themmost effectiveWays to sell art online for free with a summary of more detailed articles to give you a complete picture.

Note however –Nothing is totally free. These approaches require investing your time and creativity to reap the rewards, and some of these approaches work on a commission basis — where you only pay after you've earned.

And don't worry, cheap doesn't mean fancy - we've curated these ideas to create a great,good qualitySpringboard for your company.

social media

Sell ​​Your Art Online for Free | your art empire (1)


  • Huge potential audience
  • A range of different social media sites for you to choose and mix to suit your product
  • Opportunity to get feedback and find a network


  • time consuming

Your first port of call is social media. There is an ocean of different social media websites that cater to different audiences. So before you dive in, take some time to think about what you're selling and who you're selling it to. It can take a whilemuch timeDoing social media well, so it makes senseFocus your attentioninitially at one or two key points.

Thereal valueof social media is thelarge potential audiencethat you can achieve and you can develop a large pool ofadvocatescreaming for you It is possible to reach an audience that would be very difficult to reach with other methods – for example to get the attention of galleries or journalists.

The key isto reach. In addition to posting great content, you need to connect with like-minded artists and viewers. Research hashtags, groups to connect with, and other artists to connect with and learn from.

Artists like Lauren Hom, Adam JK and Hello Hydrangea have established themselvesexceptional followingfor their art online. When you find an artist making work you're striving for, see if they have a Facebook group. Many (especially if they offer tutorials) host groups for artists and enthusiasts to share their art form, which can be a true source of information.

Click here for an in-depth post on Social Media For Artists.

Remember that with social media you have to do your marketing, sales, customer service and finance, but there are a lot of themfree toolscontribute to coping with the workload. planning tools likeHootsuitecan help you manage your posts,social mentioncan help you keep track of what's being said about you and find people you might want to start a conversation with, and it's worth considering how to make the buying process super easy for your followers - a free PayPal account can help.

If social media is working well for you and generating an income, you can push it further through advertising and influencer marketing to increase your sales.

(Video) How To SELL ART Online: 9 Tips To Making MONEY As An Artist

online galleries

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Advantages -

  • Handling the sales process for you
  • You can align yourself with a large gallery of names
  • Often sell prints on demand as well - so offer an integrated passive income stream

Disadvantages -

  • Limited layouts
  • Commission rates can be high

If you are looking for a free way to find and sell art online, free online galleries such asSaatchiArt, are a great option.

With this list of ways to sell art online for free, you'll see that we don't recommend creating your own website. This is because even with the very best “free website” plans like Wix, you have a template layout and generic domain name. You also have to do all the website development yourself to bring people to your website.

While online galleries also have a set layout and a generic URL for your site, they doengaged audiencewho is already visiting the site. This means that while you still have a lot of work to do to stand out, your marketing efforts are much more targeted. You also have the added benefit ofalign youto your gallery of choice.

Many online galleries also offerPrint on Demandto increase sales of your original artwork (more on print-on-demand in a moment), giving you even more earning potential.

Sounds like a good fit to you?Here is a list of the best online galleries.

Print on request

Sell ​​Your Art Online for Free | your art empire (3)

Advantages -

  • Good passive income potential
  • Great established audience

Disadvantages -

  • The commission can be low
  • You may not have direct contact with your buyers (so no opportunity to sell in person).

With print-on-demand, you supply the artwork and the printer applies it to the item of your customer's choice. You getcommission paid, usually 10-30% of the item price.

This is great as it means you don't have to keep inventory or deal with the sales process. Also, you can join many print-on-demand websites for free.

A list of print-on-demand sites can be found here>5 Stupidly Easy Ways to Sell Art Online That Actually Work (

Like online galleries, print-on-demand sites have their own audiences and invest heavily in marketinglots of potential. You'll need to spend some time setting up your account and products to ensure they're easy to find on the site, but once that's done each design has great potential to bring you revenue.

However, give somethingthoughtfulnessto that hands-off nature of print-on-demand. In exchange for passive income, you give up a lot of control - regularly check the quality of the items your company prints on and be aware that you don't have direct contact with your customers and therefore cannot create your own relationship with them.

art in your community

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Advantages -

  • Get involved with your local community
  • Get feedback from a variety of audiences

Disadvantages -

  • Can be risky - think about how to secure your work and protect it from damage

Promoting your art in your community can help you achieve a complete goalnew audience, connect with the people around you andbuild relationships. Pop-ups, exhibitions, screenings or lectures are just some of the ways you can publish your work locally.without having to spend a cent.

A full post is hereLocal marketing ideas to promote your artwork in your community.

That reallyexcitingOne thing about selling art in your community is thatunusualAndunexpectedlyPlaces to sell your art. Consider speaking to bars and coffee shops to see if they would display your work on their walls, post notices on community boards, and meet journalists from your local radio stations and newspapers.

E-Mail Marketing

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Advantages -

  • A great way to deepen the buy-in and tell your story
  • A proven and powerful marketing tool

Disadvantages -

  • Need other marketing channels to build your list

Email marketing can agreat additionto your marketing and is often cited asDiemost successful formof marketing out there. Yes, we saved the best for last. And we've put it last since you'll first need to use some of the channels above to find people subscribing to your list.

Do you meet?possible customersvia social media or in real life, you have to think about how you will thenkeep their attention. the more they buyyour story, the more likely they areto buy your art.

And it really ispowerful, sophisticated marketing approach. You can test different versions of your emails to refine your message, segment your audience, andAutomate campaignsto make the most of your list.

There are manyfreiEmail marketing services such asMailchimp, which is free for 2000 list members,SendInBlue, which sends up to 300 emails per day for free, orHubspot, which limits its free plan to 2,000 emails per month.

Email marketing gets your message straight to your subscriber's inbox. It's intimate and deservedly carefully monitored. Be sure to check them outLaws and PoliciesWherever you are, always get permission before sending and make it easy to opt out.

Email Marketing: Boost Your Email List With These Giveaway Ideas (


If you're looking to sell art online for free, there are many options available to help get your business moving in the right direction.

rememberappreciate your timeAndresearch and planto ensure you put your efforts into the marketing activities that are thebest Fitfor you and your art.

And whatever you can use to sell art online for free, stock up regularly. Take notes on what works and what doesn't, how much money you make, and how much time it takes.

Let us know what works for you in the comments.


Get this FREE setup guide to start selling more of your art online.

Sell ​​Your Art Online for Free | your art empire (6)

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Get this FREE setup guide to start selling more of your art online.


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Where can I sell my artwork online for free? ›

ArtPal is a popular, FREE gallery to sell art and buy art, representing many thousands of artists. No membership fees. No commission. Completely free with unlimited space to sell all of your art!

Where can I showcase my art for free? ›

14 Free Places To Promote Your Art Online
  • Facebook Page & Groups.
  • Instagram.
  • Wetcanvas Forums.
  • Reddit (Art Related Sub-Reddits)
  • Pinterest.
  • Deviant Art.
  • Your Website & Blog.
  • Steemit.
Oct 26, 2017

What is the best online site to sell artwork? ›

  • Etsy. You can't talk about sites to sell artwork without mentioning Etsy. ...
  • Amazon. These days, people buy just about everything on Amazon—and that includes art. ...
  • FineArtAmerica. ...
  • Saatchi Art. ...
  • Shopify. ...
  • TurningArt. ...
  • Society6.
Dec 2, 2020

Is it free to sell art on Amazon? ›

During registration, you will register with a Professional selling plan that provides you with Handmade-specific tools and support to grow your business. While the Professional selling plan costs $39.99 per month for an Amazon seller, this monthly fee will be waived for approved applicants after the first month.

How do I price my art? ›

Multiply the painting's width by its length to arrive at the total size, in square inches. Then multiply that number by a set dollar amount that's appropriate for your reputation. I currently use $6 per square inch for oil paintings. Then calculate your cost of canvas and framing, and then double that number.

Where can I sell my artwork fast? ›

Fineartamerica: A website where you can list and sell your fine artwork online. Society6: A site geared towards connecting buyers with sellers of unique artwork. Etsy: Sell all types of custom art, including original and digital art. Amazon: Sell wall art prints via Amazon or Amazon FBA.

Should I give my art away for free? ›

So to answer the original question, yes, giving away your art for free can make you money. Especially if you donate it to a worthy cause. It's a win-win situation and proves that if you go into it with a plan, giving away artwork for exposure really can be worth the investment.

Should I pay to exhibit my art? ›

Yes and No. When we pay an amount of money anywhere is to receive certain services. With the same token, paying fee to exhibit artwork is to receive all the potentials of promotion, exposure and possible sales as the normal expectations. That is said, sale of artwork can't be guaranteed in any exhibition.

What app should I sell my art on? ›

Artsy is the largest online art marketplace with more than 1 million artworks by over 100,000 artists. Collect art from galleries around the world, bid in live auctions from wherever you are, and sell works from your collection.

Where can I sell my art online for beginners? ›

Where to sell your art online:
  • A standalone ecommerce site using an ecommerce platform like Shopify is a great place to start.
  • Online marketplaces like Etsy, Amazon, or eBay can plug directly into your online store, allowing you to sync sales and reach wider audiences.
Dec 6, 2022

Where can I upload my artwork and get paid? ›

Apart from Sellfy, Etsy is another option. This marketplace gives you the chance to showcase your art to a wider target audience and take your business to the next level. Hundreds of sellers have been able to make a steady income by selling on Etsy.

Is it hard to get approved for Amazon handmade? ›

Unlike Etsy, Handmade at Amazon has a fairly strict vetting process to go through before they accept you as a seller. You can't just sign up and start selling immediately! To apply and find out the basic information, go here.

Does Amazon pay you to sell? ›

When it comes to selling on Amazon, one of the most common questions asked is how often does Amazon FBA pay. The short answer is that Amazon sellers get paid every two weeks. The long answer, as with most things related to being an Amazon seller, has a little more to it and depends on a variety of factors.

Can I sell on Etsy for free? ›

How much does it cost to use Etsy to sell? It costs nothing to open an Etsy storefront, 20¢ to list a product until it sells or for four months, and 6.5% as a transaction fee. International sales are subject to additional fees and currency conversion fees. Payment processing fees vary.

What is the 70/30 rule in art? ›

This often makes a piece more interesting. Another popular design principle is the 70/30 Rule. Differences and opposites add interest, in life as in art. This principle dictates that there should be a difference between one bigger part of your artwork (70%) and one smaller part (30%).

How do I know if my art is good enough to sell? ›

But just because people aren't buying your work doesn't mean your work is not good enough to sell. If you are getting validation in the form of likes, comments, and followers, you are good enough to be selling your work. But to get sales you actually have to make sales. Just making art is not enough.

How do I know if my art is worth anything? ›

Consider finding an appraiser to determine the value of your artwork. Appraisers are trained specialists who work for a fee. They evaluate your piece and give you a written statement of its value. Although the following organizations do not provide appraisals themselves, they each publish a directory of their members.

What sells the most in art? ›

The most popular art subjects have generic themes and include traditional landscape painting, local scenery, and local landmarks. Seascapes do well, as do animals and figurative work. Art buyers like paintings with a background and composed with a distinct focal point.

What art sells the most money? ›

This is a list of the highest known prices paid for paintings. The current record price is approximately US$450.3 million (which includes commission), paid for Leonardo da Vinci's Salvator Mundi ( c. 1500).

How do I price my art per hour? ›

Pay yourself a reasonable hourly wage, add the cost of materials and make that your asking price. For example, if materials cost $50, you take 20 hours to make the art, and you pay yourself $20 an hour to make it, then you price the art at $450 ($20 X 20 hours + $50 cost of materials).

How do small artists get noticed? ›

8 Ways Independent Artists Can Get Noticed
  1. Don't stop making music. There are so many musicians out there that expect things to happen quickly. ...
  2. Perform as much as you can. ...
  3. Build a solid fan base. ...
  4. Become A Social Media Guru. ...
  5. Create a Strong Brand. ...
  6. Manage Your Finances. ...
  7. Invest in a Photographer. ...
  8. Utilize the Tools Created for You.
Feb 4, 2020

How do new artists get noticed? ›

How to get noticed as a singer or artist
  1. Be an amazing singer or instrumentalist.
  2. Put yourself out there.
  3. Create a press pack (EPK)
  4. Play anywhere.
  5. Convey maturity.
  6. Practice well.
  7. Get yourself motivated.
  8. Use Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

How do I avoid taxes when selling art? ›

They are known as 1031 exchanges and this is how they work. Many wealthy art collectors can, and do, save millions in taxes by essentially rolling over their profits from selling their collection pieces into buying more art.

Can you copyright your art for free? ›

Unfortunately, using the US Library of Congress's Copyright Office does require a filing fee. The standard filing fee for copyrighting art is $55, but if you're registering only one work as the sole author and claimant, it will cost only $35. You must file individual claims for each artwork you wish to copyright.

How do you price art for beginners? ›

How to Price Consistently for Art Sales Success
  1. FORMULA 1: Square Inch × Dollar Amount.
  2. Example for a painting with a width of 18 inches, a length of 24 inches, a square inch multiplier of $4, and a material cost of $100:
  3. FORMULA 2: (Hourly Wage × Hours Spent) + Cost of Materials.
Jul 24, 2015

Where is the best place to show your art? ›

Here are our top picks:
  • DeviantArt. Founded in August 2000, DeviantArt is the largest online social network and platform for artists and art enthusiasts to exhibit, promote, and share their works. ...
  • CGSociety. ...
  • Pinterest. ...
  • Behance. ...
  • Instagram. ...
  • Tumblr. ...
  • Facebook. ...
  • Twitter.
Mar 1, 2017

What should you not do in an art museum? ›

Please do not:
  1. Touch the artwork.
  2. Bring food or drink into the museum.
  3. Chew gum.
  4. Use flash when taking any photos.
  5. Bring large bags or backpacks into the gallery.
  6. Run through the halls screaming or play your bagpipes in the galleries. (Soft tenor sax is fine.)

What is the number 1 art app? ›

1. Krita. Krita is free, open-source software that works for Windows, Mac, and Linux users. Like other sketching apps, it's pen-based but is especially useful for creating comic art with premade panels.

What do beginner artists sell? ›

You may want to sell original art pieces, art prints, stickers, calendars, cards, T-shirts, mugs you name it. Just make sure you don't sacrifice the quality of your work when you decide on products to sell your art on.

Is it hard to sell your art? ›

It should be said in the first line of this guide that selling art is not easy. Whether through a gallery, through an online platform, or out of your own studio, making a sale of your own work will be challenging—but it can also be exciting.

How can a beginner make money online? ›

What's the easiest way for beginners to make money online?
  1. Get involved in market research.
  2. Become an online tutor.
  3. Sell your clothes and other belongings.
  4. Become an affiliate for your favorite brands.
  5. Start a dropshipping online business.
  6. Transcribe recordings.
  7. Rent out your stuff.
Nov 28, 2022

How can I earn money from my drawing? ›

Best ways to make money as an artist in 2021
  1. Sell your original paintings and copies (prints) online. ...
  2. Sell paintings at art exhibitions. ...
  3. Painting commissioned work. ...
  4. Conducting offline workshops with artists. ...
  5. Creating and launching online drawing courses. ...
  6. Creator of video content on popular platforms.

How can I get paid for my creativity? ›

  1. Sell your work on Etsy. Etsy is an ecommerce platform specializing in creative items (Image credit: Etsy) ...
  2. Teach courses on Udemy. ...
  3. Stream games on Twitch. ...
  4. Freelance with Upwork. ...
  5. Design assets for Envato. ...
  6. Sell printables on Redbubble. ...
  7. Take photographs for SmugMug. ...
  8. Publish books on Amazon.
Jul 26, 2022

What image is required for Amazon Handmade? ›

The Main image should have a pure white background (This is a new requirement for Amazon Handmade sellers). To make it pure, make the image a transparent PNG file. The Main image should not include text, logos, watermarks or any props that are not sold with the product.

What qualifies for Amazon Handmade? ›

Everything sold on Handmade must be handmade, hand-altered, or hand-assembled; no mass-produced products are allowed to be sold on the marketplace. Some examples of products that are offered on Amazon Handmade include: Handmade cutting boards.

Why does everything I try to sell on Amazon require approval? ›

This can happen if you have been selling on Amazon for a while and have a good reputation rather than being a complete newbie. So, your first step is to go to your Amazon Seller Central account, check for product restrictions and then request approval: Go to your Seller Central account and click on inventory.

How can I sell my paintings online for beginners? ›

What is the best way to sell art online? You can support your creative business by selling your art online either by setting up a store on eCommerce platforms like Shopify, or creating an account on channels like Etsy, Etsy, Instagram, Facebook Shops and similar.

What is the most profitable way to sell art? ›

7 Different Ways To Earn Money With Your Artwork
  • Sell Original Artwork.
  • Sell Art Prints.
  • Sell At An Art Fair.
  • Make use of Instagram's shop tool.
  • Open An Etsy Store For Your Art.
  • Offer The Option Of Commissions.
  • Licence Your Artwork.
  • Making Money As An Artist Is A Process.

How can I legally sell my art? ›

If you are selling any artwork yourself, it is a legal requirement to have a business license. It allows you to file for a DBA (Doing Business As) so that you can operate under the business name of your choice. You can also operate a business under your own name.

What app can I sell my paintings on? ›

Artsy is the largest online art marketplace with more than 1 million artworks by over 100,000 artists. Collect art from galleries around the world, bid in live auctions from wherever you are, and sell works from your collection.

Where do I start selling my paintings? ›

How to start selling your art
  • Auction websites. Online auctions can be great places to get started selling art. ...
  • Online marketplaces. ...
  • Online art galleries. ...
  • Merchandising services. ...
  • Social networks. ...
  • Brick-and-mortar galleries. ...
  • Coffee shops & restaurants. ...
  • Consignment/boutique stores.
Mar 18, 2019

How much should I sell my art for beginners? ›

If you find that you're selling half of what you make in a six-month period, then that's a good sign that it's time to charge more for your work. Raising prices by 10 to 20 percent is a good starting point.

What type of art is in high demand? ›

What Type Of Art Is In Demand?
  • Watercolor paintings.
  • Landscape prints.
  • Abstract landscapes.
  • Contemporary paintings.
  • Wildlife and Animals.
  • Figure Paintings.
  • Offset-litho prints.

What color paintings sell best? ›

Study Finds Paintings Featuring Blue and Red Hues Sell for the Most Money at Auction | Smart News| Smithsonian Magazine.


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