Top kitchen trends 2021 with long-lasting style (2023)

For most of 2020, many of us were spending more time than ever at home and the way we cook, entertain, work and relax in our homesHouses changed. Now the look and function of kitchens are also changing. We asked industry experts to share what's on the horizon for this hard-working space in 2021. Hygiene and cleanliness will be top priorities in kitchen designs while flexibility for multiple tasks and users remains important. See what finishes, features, colors and appliances will be the popular kitchen trends of 2021.

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1. Warm colors

While white remains theFavorite kitchen color scheme, warmer tones will soon replace the cool tones of recent years. For hisPalette of the year 2021PPG released a trio of colors based on a warm beige accented by shades of orange and aqua. "Our global color stylists were drawn to warm colors that evoke feelings of compassion and comfort," says Amy Donato, senior color marketing manager atPPG colors. “When the world experiences events that cause turmoil, we tend to be naturally drawn to those hues. These comfort colors are akin to comfort food—both convey a certain sense of familiarity and normality when confronted with the unknown.” Donato recommends pairing the upbeat hues with greens, natural wood tones, gold accents, and woven textures.

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2. Organic style

A new kitchen aesthetic is on the rise. In the National Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA)annual trend report, natural, organic style, climbed into the top 3 kitchen design styles in 2021 (up from 10th place in 2019). The style uses the same clean lines as the still popular contemporary andtransitional kitchens, but with a look based on the warmth and texture of natural materials.

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"Choose a soft, light, neutral color palette to encourage the eye to effortlessly scan the room," says Laura Muller, CEO and lead designer atFour point design. Minimizing the color contrast between the paneling, walls and ceiling opens up the space. She suggests matte or brushed finishes to complement the overall softness—and don't forget biophilic touches, such as emeraldsindoor herb garden.

Muller also emphasizes that this style celebrates the versatility of materials that are organic, nature-inspired (e.g. wood-effect floors) and environmentally conscious, such as: B. energy-efficient lights. "'Natural and organic' is no longer exclusively synonymous with a bohemian and earthy vibe," she says. "Today's finishes are luxurious, elegant, modern and suit almost every imaginable design style and budget."

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3. Touchless faucets

Installing a new faucetis a quick and easy kitchen update that many homeowners will be making in 2021. "Whether it's our heightened awarenesshygiene at homeor a growing demand for hands-free functionality, touchless kitchen faucets are becoming increasingly popular," says Jonathan Bradley, Smart Home Manager atKöhler.

According to the2021 NKBA Trend Report,Motion-controlled, hands-free and touch-tap faucets will be more popular than traditional lever-type kitchen faucets. And for the first time, voice-activated faucets appeared in the report. Not only is this new faucet feature more hygienic, it can also help you be more productive in the kitchen. "With simple commands, you can now turn on the water to wash your hands or dispense just the amount you need for pasta or soup," says Bradley.

Choose matte or brushed finishes for a low-maintenance upgrade that won't show fingerprints. If you're incorporating warmer colors into your kitchen, Donato recommends matte black faucets for "a richer, warmer feel than traditional stainless steel."

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4. Decorative cooker hoods

Kitchens are moving away from hidden ventilation and are turning to thatExtractor hood as a decorative eye-catcher. But it doesn't have to be ornate to stand out. A hood that protrudes above the cabinet profile or has an accent color can go a long way.

Ariana Lovato, owner and principal designer athoneycomb home design, expecting linear designs in 2021 in response to COVID-19. "Square-shaped kitchen hoods with sheet materials will be very popular because of the minimalist style, but also because of the ease of cleaning," says Lovato.

Instead of bold details, the emphasis will be on the types of materials used for range hoods. "Expect to see sheet material like marble, thin porcelain veneer, or plaster of paris for the hood, making it a statement piece," she says. Pay special attention to natural materials and wood tones to create these eye-catching elements.

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5. Increased storage space

Not only has the past year changed when and what we cook, but home cooks have also bought new small appliances, utensils and more groceries. Now,kitchen storagefeel the strain. This will manifest itself in different ways depending on individual needs and the space you work with, but in 2021 you need to consider two storage areas in the kitchen: pantries and freezers.

"The freezer is one of the best places for long-term food storage," says Susan Serra, certified kitchen designer and president ofSusan Serra Associates, Inc."It gives a tremendous sense of security in these uncertain times." Expect increased sales of standalone freezers and drawer fridge-freezers, or from homeowners simply replacing an existing fridge-freezer with a larger, more convenient unit.

Kitchens will also work harder to accommodate larger amounts of pantry items and small appliances like bread makers, air fryers, and Instant Pots. "Because countertop space is a precious commodity in most kitchens, small appliances need to be relocated," says Serra. Plan a returndedicated pantries, upgraded closet solutions like pantry cabinets, and a plethora of kitchen organizers to house those new tools and dry goods. Serra says we'll also see freestanding furniture, wall cabinets and trolleys as space-saving solutions.

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6. Strong outdoor connections

COVID-19 encouraged many homeowners to do soBring the inside outin 2020 - and 2021 will return the favor. One of the key design elements in this year's kitchens will be a visual and physical connection to the outside world. Muller specifically says that folding doors and larger windows, especially windows that sit almost on the countertop, are used to encourage a "more stylish and less obtrusive view." It's functional, too: These windows and doors allow for fresh airflow, a desirable trend emerging from the pandemic.

Muller acknowledges these can be costly changes. A way to work toward the same effect without an architectural upgrade? "Drop your heavy window treatments for organic linen or soft woven hues in a simple design," she says.

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7. Large Islands

Large islands (at least 24 square feet) are a staple of the post-pandemic kitchen, according to the2021 NKBA Trend Report. In addition to its function as a place for preparing, cooking and storing food, thekitchen islandhas evolved into working and studying with many opportunities.

Islands that act as dining tables will also be popular - a layout change that reflects a broader trendInstallation of more seating in the kitchen. “With more people in the kitchen multitasking on the island, additional seating is essential,” says Sarah Robertson, founder and principal designer ofAtelier Dearborn.

While a makeover can help create the perfect do-it-yourself island, Robertson says it's not a requirement. “A clever trick to expanding an island is to add a vintage metal drawer unit or counter-height dresser to one end of your island. This can add drawers as well as a work surface,” she says. "You just have to make sure the drawers are sturdy enough to support some weight." A table adjoining the island similarly creates a versatile workspace, casual meeting place, and designated dining area.

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8. Special ovens

Homeowners are investing in additional specialty ovens for more functionality as they spend more time cooking at home, according to the experts atBertazzoni. For example, a convection oven can expand a traditional range with a flexible cooking solution that combines both conventional and microwave ovens in a single product. You can bake, grill and microwave with the same appliance.

According to designersBryn Olsonthese additional ovens also reflect the increasing awareness and desire of homeowners for a wellness-oriented lifestyle. "Functionally, we're seeing a big trend towards replacing the microwave with a steamer as consumers become more aware of the health benefits of steaming," says Olson.


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