What are popular kitchen cabinet colors? (2023)

One of the best ways to make your kitchen uniquely personal is through the use of color. That's why you're probably wondering what are kitchen cabinet color trends. And how do you choose the right one for your remodeled kitchen?

Your new kitchen should be something special! Here your family will start the day with breakfast, you will impress guests with culinary creations and children will eat after school and do their homework. With all the time we spend in the kitchen, this space deserves to be beautiful.

Surely cabinets define the look and feel of your kitchen. However, color can affect other elements as well. The color of appliances, walls, furniture, countertops, and accessories—even floors—can completely change the mood of a room.

What are popular kitchen cabinet colors? (1)

Color trends for the kitchen are emerging and constantly evolving. From using bold, unexpected colors to returning to naturally finished wood, the following kitchen cabinet colors are what people are choosing for their new kitchens.

What are popular kitchen cabinet colors? (2)

No article about trends

Although we cover popular colors, this is not an article about trends.

Trends show us what others are doing. If you like what you see, you can adopt some of their choices.

However, kitchen cabinets last a long time. These lifetime guarantees don't come for free. You want to make sure your finish and color choices are something you can live with for years. You don't want anything that you're going to regret for the next year or so.

Colors for the kitchen – the “new” traditionals

Making a decision about the colors to use in the kitchen is never easy. There are seemingly endless options for cabinet finishes, backsplash tiles, countertops, and wall colors.

The search for the perfect color can seem overwhelming. Especially when you consider that there are literally hundreds of shades of white alone.

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Gray, cream, beige and white kitchens are always safe choices. After all, they arenew "traditional"Colors.

But maybe you want to go beyond the traditional? It might be time to add some color to the kitchen. Exactly how many colors you want to include and how bold you want to be is entirely up to you.

What are popular kitchen cabinet colors? (4)

Color in kitchens has a moment. So don't give up. Whether you like the classic neutrals or you're into more "energetic" colors, the perfect color is here for you.

What the experts say

Kitchen designers and other industry professionals who responded to the National Kitchen and Bath Association's 2023 annual survey report on their customers' color preferences.

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Almost half of respondents say homeowners are asking for greenery in their new kitchens. Green is closely followed by various shades of blue. After green and blue, 35% of designers say people want white for their kitchen cabinets.

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What are popular kitchen cabinet colors? (6)
What are popular kitchen cabinet colors? (7)
What are popular kitchen cabinet colors? (8)
What are popular kitchen cabinet colors? (9)
What are popular kitchen cabinet colors? (10)

This is how you bring color into your kitchen

Choose a colorful kitchen island

A popular way to incorporate color is to have a color on the kitchen island that is different from your surrounding cabinetry. The island is a great way to add extra storage, more prep space, and extra seating.

But apart from the practical aspects, an island also gives you the opportunity to be bold in the surface color you choose.

Houzz.com, Pinterest, and Instagram are full of photos of gorgeous kitchens where the cabinets are one color and the island is another. White cabinets and a blue island. Gray cabinets and a green island. White cabinets with purple island. Painted cabinets with stained island (or vice versa). The options are wide open.

Add color with a bold backsplash

Get creative with yoursBacksplash selection. If you're not ready to commit to a bright kitchen, try adding color with the backsplash.

What are popular kitchen cabinet colors? (11)

Adding colorful patterned tiles can add an accent to your kitchen. In addition, they add interest and texture to a kitchen.

What are popular kitchen cabinet colors? (12)

Color matches the country house style

An unexpected kitchen color scheme can work in a country orCountry style kitchen.

What are popular kitchen cabinet colors? (13)

If you're more traditional, use pastel tones. Pastel colors in two different and yet similar colors come into their own hereShaker style kitchenS.

What are popular kitchen cabinet colors? (14)
What are popular kitchen cabinet colors? (15)

Combine gray with ColorAccents

Even though it's not in such high demand anymore, gray is a neutral, cool color for closets. "Cool" as in cool color, described as calm or soothing. Not “cool” like in hip or happening. Gray can be used as a background for colored accents such as stools, countertops, tiles, backsplashes, window treatments.

What are popular kitchen cabinet colors? (16)

If gray is too boring for your taste, you can add some color to liven up a neutral scheme. How alive you want to be is entirely up to you.

What are popular kitchen cabinet colors? (17)

Use color in a small kitchen

With a, you don't have to be on the safe side when it comes to colorsmall kitchen. The general thought is that all white makes the room appear larger. However, even in a small kitchen, you can work in some color and personalize your new kitchen.

What are popular kitchen cabinet colors? (18)
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Pro tip: To make a small kitchen appear more spacious, don't install wall cabinets or wall cabinets. The floating shelves make a small kitchen look larger.

What are popular kitchen cabinet colors? (19)

Try colorful stools

Introduce brightly colored furniture like island bar stools to liven up a neutral space. Not everyone wants a brightly colored kitchen, but that doesn't mean you can't bring some color into it.

If most of the color scheme in the kitchen is kept simple, light blue bar stools won't overwhelm the space.

What are popular kitchen cabinet colors? (20)

What are the best colors for a kitchen?

Choosing the best colors in the kitchen depends on your personal taste. If you want a kitchen that you won't get tired of, you need to seriously consider what colors you can live with long-term.

Traditional, classic colors like grey, white, cream, taupe and "greige" - the new neutrals - are always safe. However, if you want to get bold, order lots of patterns and color swatches. You could try painting a wall in one of your possible choices to see if it's the "real you" and that you'll love it for a long time.

Another way to test the water is to order samples from a company calledProbe.com. It features 12" x 12" peel and stick patterns made with real paint. Sherwin Williams, Benjamin Moore, Farrow & Ball and PPG provide samples of their colors.

When deciding on the finish color of the cabinets, keep in mind that kitchens with lots of light can take on a darker color than a more enclosed space, where white, cream, or taupe cabinets help create the illusion of a larger space.


What are popular kitchen cabinet colors? (21)

Traditionally, black was considered the “bad” kitchen colour. Gone are the days when black was considered gloomy in the kitchen. Used creatively, black creates a certain sophistication and a touch of drama, especially when paired with metallics like stainless steel appliances, polished nickel door and drawer hardware, or brass pendant lights.

Black is very flexible. Black cabinets can be chic, modern, elegant and warm, sometimes all at the same time.


Greige is a neutral color that falls somewhere between gray and beige. It's sophisticated, warm and adds some - but not too much - color.

What are popular kitchen cabinet colors? (22)

Greige is a compromise between cool gray and warm beige. It is an option for people who are tired of beige, gray or bright white kitchen colors.

What are popular kitchen cabinet colors? (23)


If you're nervous about dyeing your kitchen color wrong, you can hardly go wrong with neutral colors like cream, tan, greige, and beige. Neutrals are usually equated with "boring," but they don't have to be.

There are many reasons why it makes sense to choose a neutral palette for your kitchen. Design professionals agree that using shades such as white, beige, gray or greige as a base for your kitchen opens up a range of color possibilities.

What are popular kitchen cabinet colors? (24)
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While many assume that "neutral" means beige, there are actually many options that will work in almost any kitchen. Whether you love bright whites or soft grays, a neutral paint color is timeless and provides the perfect backdrop for creative accents.

  • The neutral color family includes beige, grey, taupe, shades of white and black
  • complementary colors. Neutral working with almost all colors
  • Goes well with: All colors
  • Mood: Calming

Kylie M. Interiors, an online color consultant, has suggestions for neutral colors.

<Above Right: From links to right> Sherwin Williams Canvas Tan, Benjamin Moore Ballet White, Sherwin Williams Creamy, Benjamin Moore Navajo White

What are popular kitchen cabinet colors? (25)

<Bottom row: left to right> Sherwin Williams Accessible Beige, Sherwin Williams Balanced Beige, Sherwin Williams Kilim Beige. Benjamin Moore Grant Beige.

Paint manufacturers offer neutral palettes

Farbtrends von Benjamin Moorecontains warm neutral tones.

What are popular kitchen cabinet colors? (26)

Other paint manufacturers have dedicated entire sections to their neutral colors.

Behr Lacke 2021 Neutral colors

Sherwin Williams neutral colors

Additional kitchen cabinet colors to choose from


Cabinets in a shade of green, like sage, can bring the feel of nature into your home. Green often represents new beginnings, so green in your kitchen is a great way to start each day fresh. It is also part ofwellness kitchen, where natural influences play an important role.

What are popular kitchen cabinet colors? (27)
What are popular kitchen cabinet colors? (28)

One kitchen designer we know advises his clients to think of celery when choosing a shade of green for their kitchen. The shades of green in celery range from the dark green of the leaves to the light green of the inner heart.

Rich shades of brown

What are popular kitchen cabinet colors? (29)

Rich, earthy brown is another nature-inspired color. For those who don't want to use neutral colors, brown goes with almost everything and is definitely a classic kitchen cabinet color.

What are popular kitchen cabinet colors? (30)

white on white

White is a kitchen color in its own class and creates a specific look. designersChristopher Pfaubecame famous for promotingall white kitchens.

The white-on-white kitchen can be described as: white cabinets, white walls, white backsplash, white ceiling, white sink, possibly a white countertop.

What are popular kitchen cabinet colors? (31)

White gives your kitchen a bright, clean look. It goes with appliances of all styles and adapts to any decor you prefer.

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What are popular kitchen cabinet colors? (32)

The white-on-white kitchen became popular in the 90's and its popularity hasn't waned much. A white-on-white kitchen won't be a choice you'll regret anytime soon. It's a classic and a keeper.

What are popular kitchen cabinet colors? (33)


What are popular kitchen cabinet colors? (34)

Many homeowners and their kitchen designers agree that yellow is a fabulous color in the kitchen. It is friendly and the photo below shows how beautifully it complements the wooden finish of the kitchen cabinet.

What are popular kitchen cabinet colors? (35)


What are popular kitchen cabinet colors? (36)

Traditionally, blue was not considered a kitchen color as it does not stimulate the appetite. How many foods can you think of that are blue?

However, blue has a moment. Many cabinet manufacturers report that this is the most requested color for the cabinet finish.

Designers report that blue in combination with metallics is currently very popular.

Introducing a shade of blue—especially one with shades of gray—into your kitchen can be the perfect way to instill a sense of calm. Blue can bring the calm and comfort we often need after a long day.

What are popular kitchen cabinet colors? (37)

Natural woods

Natural wood finishes are making a big comeback in kitchen cabinets. To keep the look current, use natural cabinetry in a clean, contemporary design, such asScandinavian. Or combine natural wood surfaces with lacquered cabinets.

What are popular kitchen cabinet colors? (38)
What are popular kitchen cabinet colors? (39)


Did this information help you or make you even more confused? Our intention is of course to help you. To give you the facts about different kitchen cabinet color trends and leave the decision making up to you.

Just because some kitchen designers say cool gray is "out" doesn't mean you can't have a beautiful cool gray kitchen. Kitchen designers have been reporting for years that white is on the way out, and we can see how true that prediction is. (not).

And if you're not a fan of bold, bright colors - don't use them. Or vice versa, if you love a lot of color, it's your kitchen, your house and your life, so go for it. Just like the homeowners of the kitchen below.

What are popular kitchen cabinet colors? (40)
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